Paul and Phyllis Galanti Education Center, Virginia War Memorial, Richmond, VA  with Glave and Holmes Architecture, 2008-2010.
 Site plan, Virginia War Memorial
 Virginia War Memorial Addition Context
 Entrance Hall, Virginia War Memorial
 Office Interior and Gift Shop, Virginia War Memorial
 Exhibit Displays, Virginia War Memorial
 Virginians at War Film Series, Theater, Virginia War Memorial
 Amphitheater Remembrance Gathering, Virginia War Memorial
VANG massing.JPG
VANG section heli.JPG
VANG concept.JPG
 Faberge Permanent Gallery Concept, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, VMFA, Richmond VA,  with Riggs Ward & Glave & Holmes Architecture, 2012-2014.
 VMFA concept site studies
 VMFA, integrating green roof and park, concept site studies
 VMFA concept site studies
 FEEDMORE Community Kitchen, Central Virginia Foodbank & Meals on Wheels, Richmond, VA  with Baskervill 2005-2006
 Concepts, FEEDMORE Community Kitchen
 Elevation Daylighting Study, FEEDMORE Community Kitchen
Institutional_ Foodbank_ community kitchen ext photo.JPG
 Daylighting in Kitchen Work Spaces, FEEDMORE Community Kitchen
 Literacy Center, City of Ranson, West Virginia,  with Baskervill 2007-8.
 Literacy Center Plan Options, City of Ranson
 Concept Studies for Ranson Team
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